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Mission Statement

Advocating for trail users since 2020

MLTS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, advocacy and action association.  Our mission is: to create, enhance, promote and preserve trails and trail experiences for all recreational users in and around El Dorado County, and to create a trail-friendly community through awareness, safety, and advocacy. 

The MLTS strives to preserve, protect, and promote trail access and diverse trail-based recreation riding opportunities on California’s public and private lands through education, communication, and unified action.  

The MLTS also seeks to promote and enhance the region of El Dorado County as a destination for world-class trails and to connect towns and community centers to trail systems to promote a healthy, active lifestyle and support the local economy.


Our board members have been building, hiking and riding trails in El Dorado county for 100+ years combined!


We partner with public and private land owners to help them reach their trail usage objectives.


We are trail users! We want our playgrounds to function well and provide an exceptional experience for all user groups.

If you want to help support more great local riding, one way you can help right now is to join your nearest IMBA Org, or more than one if you want. Since IMBA introduced the multi-membership option, some folks are joining other riding communities in addition to boosting their close to home trails. 

Covering the western slope of El Dorado county

Play where you live!

Here is the general area of trails that MLTS cares for, but it is a big area and there are other volunteer group’s trails mixed in to the east (TAMBA) and the west (FATRAC)..