Below is the general area of trails that MLTS cares for, but it is a big area and there are other volunteer group’s trails mixed in to the east (TAMBA) and the west (FATRAC). For more specific areas, see more maps below.

Trailforks is a trail database populated by users, not MLTS or any other singular organization. Trails on these maps may not be properly sanctioned, so do your research and ride carefully and respectfully. With that said, most of the trails below are legit.

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Singletrack through mostly conifer forest, with a dash of some bonus foothill botany (dogwood, oak). Rideable most of the year, except a couple months in the heavier winters when the trails may be snowbound. Later summer months are dusty, especially with increased recent use. Trails are multi-use here and you will likely encounter equestrians and hikers, ride in control and be nice to others.

Many unofficial trails in the vicinity are slowly being eliminated due to logging operations, which reflects the importance of a group like MLTS to advocate for the permanence and legal integration of these trails.


Higher up on the western slope, pine trees and rugged singletrack dominates this area. Remote and under appreciated, you may find some stunning downhills all to yourself. You may run into some hikers and climbers, but most likely you will only hear the sound of your ragged breath as you struggle up some of the steeper uphill sections.


Classic gold country is exemplified here, with oak and pine towering over excellent singletrack cut through sections of scrubby brush as well as sections of riparian vegetation. An awesome network of trails here offers multiple loop options, as well as paid shuttles and guides. The trails are rideable nearly year round, but expect a lot of dust in the summer months. These awesome trails are shared with dirtbikes, so be visible and alert.


Another popular gold country classic, this area has trails weaving through a foothill mixture of grasses, wildflowers, and brushes. Some great intermediate riding with long loops available for the intrepid cyclist, with connections available all the way down to Folsom’s extensive network of trails. Often congested, mind your speed and be aware of other hikers and equestrians that frequent the area.

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